Be Successful Today

Here is a quote I saw today, “Be grateful for both your wins and your losses. They guide us to better things.”
–Gladys Edmunds, writing in USA TODAY.

In general we have our attention on where we are going, goals we want to meet, etc.  This is all great though it may cause us to lose sight of what we have, our accomplishments, our successes, goals we have achieved, etc.  This can cause great stress by always be striving without validating what we have created big and small.   Taking time to stop and reflect on the positive experiences we had yesterday or last week creates an enormous sense of relief and inspires us for today.

My client, Sara, was always striving as if success was in her future not realizing that success is something that we create each day.   Success is not an end point but rather a journey that some decide to take.  Success happens today by being and creating the highest quality action possible.  Then do it again tomorrow.  One success builds on another. It is an energy level.  Success begins in present time, in the moment or in the day.  When we recognize and validate the success we created today that energy can sustain in our space so that we can use it tomorrow.

The energy of success, a higher vibration,  comes from our recognition and feeling validated by doing something well.  Suddenly we feel successful.  From that energy we can create another success and so it goes.

When we lose the energy level of success our life and our work no longer manifest in this way.  This is easy to change!   Today create at the highest quality each experience, action, communication, etc. to meet a goal.  At the end of the day take the time to recognize this success and let yourself feel validated and grateful for the experience.

Notice how this energy level can be used in each day to come.  When the energy drops for one reason or another just reset your space and be successful it the moment and it begins again.   Successful people know this technique.  They know how to get back on track (energy level back) when something knocks them off their game (drops their energy).

Be grateful and feel validated by what you have created and do it again now.

Best wishes on your success,



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