The new millennium and business in sync!

Abstract 3D Hourglass Times are a changin!  We are in the tenth year of the new millennium, the millennium of the “2”.  That may not mean much to you at first but from an intuitive perspective it represents a significant change that everyone is experiencing.  Concepts that drove the last millennium (1 –1999), the millennium of the “1”, were the importance of being first, on top, the best, faster, bigger, more, etc.  This last millennium was dominated by male concepts that brought us tremendous growth, expansion, advancement, competition and success.

The current millennium is a shift in a naturally occurring cycle to new concepts of success stemming from feminine principles that include collaboration, cooperation, the common good, working in Circles, etc.  In this millennium successful businesses focus on what they value, relationships and the impact of their business on others. We are more globally and environmentally conscious. Success is created with these ideas in mind.

Companies that are out of sync with the energy of this millennium will have a hard time surviving.  We are seeing evidence of this all around. The old ways of doing business won’t work, as they are going “against the grain” and “out of sync” with the current trends or cycle. Edgar R. Dewey, Chief Economic Analyst of the Department of Commerce in 1930, was appointed to investigate the causes of the stock market crash of 1929.  He found the crash was a naturally occurring cycle.  He describes the concept and impact of cycles in his book by the same name, “Cycles”.

So where does this lead us?  Notice the trends and changes in the business climate.  There are no coincidences as we are in a new cycle.  We have been witnessing the breakdown of old ways of doing business.  Old values and priorities won’t bring the same results this time around.  Successful business owners are watching intuitively and developing strategies to fit this new cycle.  In many ways they are “going with the flow” and not fighting the trends.  Open your intuition to be aware, letting go of old concepts that worked in the past but no longer.  This brings us to what I consider the most important intuitive concept for business success – be in the present moment, be aware and create from here.


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