Drawing People to You

WorkgroupRecent experiences opened my awareness to our ability to call people to us. I’ll bet you have had similar experiences.

I was in the San Francisco airport on my way to a business meeting in Portland.  I saw a man who reminded me of Alan Alda.  The resemblance was uncanny so much so that I could not take my attention off him.  Once on the plane I settled in and forgot about “Alan”.

When landed in Portland I decided to try their lite-rail system.   I also thought I could see the city on the way to my hotel.  To my surprise ”Alan” and his wife appeared and boarded the lite-rail and the same car.  What are the chances?

We rode a distance to the waterfront of Portland where I got off to go to my hotel.  Days later I was back at the Portland airport headed back to SFO.  I was in the security line when “Alan” and his wife stepped in line right behind me!  What ARE the chances?  As an intuitive I realized that my attention in this man’s space drew him to my reality again and again.

Then it happened again.  A few days later I flew to Miami to visit my granddaughters.  Their mom had knee surgery so I went to help out.  My husband’s cousin and his partner just moved from San Francisco to a town near where I was staying.  I wanted to visit them but the opportunity never presented itself.  On my last day in Miami I was dwelling on the fact that I did not get to see Alan and Austin during my visit.  I was quite focused on this when I got to the airport thinking that I should at least call before I left Miami.

Then I turned and saw them walking towards me in the Ft. Lauderdale airport!!  AND they were on my flight to San Francisco.  What ARE the chances?  I ended up having a very long visit with two men that I enjoy very much.

These are not coincidences.  This happens to us all the time.  These experiences happened within days of each other and opened my awareness to another level.  I saw that we  have the ability to call people to us.

The focus of the meditations this month has been on Not Doing It Alone.  In the meditation Dec. 3, 2012 I am going to have everyone meditate on calling in support, calling in clients, etc. and see the miracles they can create.  I called in five new clients this week using intuitive ability.

If you have had similar experiences please post them here.  I would love to hear them.

Best wishes on your success, Kay


2 thoughts on “Drawing People to You

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