Recognizing successful women

   Last Thursday I attended the San Francisco Business Times 100 Most Influential Women Awards dinner.  This is an annual event and I go as often as I can.  The women recognized in this event are for the most part women at the executive levels in their companies.  (There is another event for business owners – 100 Largest Women Owned Businesses.)

Many of the women brought their children along and several had them on stage with them as they received their award and spoke.  I would not expect to see this from men though it made perfect sense for women to do this.  Being a mother,  corporate executive, wife, volunteer, family member,  friend, community member, etc. are all part of the life of these professional women.

Some of the awardees offered advice or words of wisdom from their experiences at the top of their field.  Their words of  advice were very similar.  Some of their thoughts included:

  • believe in an idea
  • always be courageous, be fearless
  • build a strong circle of support, surround yourself with the best talent
  • stayed focused
  • never ever give up
  • keep sense of humor
  • don’t argue facts
  • break rules
  • follow intuition
  • have confidence in your abilities
  • see every challenge as an opportunity
  • say Thank You

There you have it.  Sounds to me like a good list of tips for anyone focused on success.

Best wishes on your success,



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