Create A Circle of Support – You Can’t Do It Alone!

There is power in numbers.  This is not a new concept.  As an intuitive business consultant I see this principle with all my clients.  It is critical for success.  We all know that it can be lonely at the top.  It should  not be that way.    When I find a business owner or professional without a complete circle of support I am looking at someone about to fail.

Energy of One

Look at it this way; your vision is the energy of ONE.  When others see your vision and commit to seeing your vision success it now has the energy of two, three or more.  There is now more energy to sustain your vision so that you can manifest it.  You are probably reading this from an analytical perspective but I am showing this to you to see intuitively, in your mind’s eye.

It’s More Than Love

Support comes from many perspectives.  Loving support of family and friends is important but it is not enough.   Cooperation and support of your staff or colleagues is critical to accomplishing the work at hand.  Successful people also have a Circle of trusted advisors (paid and unpaid).  These people commit to your success.   This group is probably the most important if you bring in around you people that you respect and trust.  They are people who have a particular area of expertise, insight and courage to keep you from getting stuck in your own thinking, fears and limits.


Sam owns a manufacturing company. He does well enough but he does not feel successful and is not inspired.  He has ideas but not the inspiration (energy) to make them happen.  When Sam contacted me I knew he did not have a Circle of Support. His vision and his company were at the energy level of one. Sure his family was on this side and so were his employees but the energy was flat.  Nothing was changing.  I asked Sam to share his vision of success with me.  I asked him to share it with his family, which was not easy for him.  Next he talked to his management and staff about his vision and discussed what it would mean to the current operation.  To his surprise everyone wanted change.  At this point Sam realized he had the vision but did not know how to make it happen.   We created a circle of trusted advisors with knowledge and expertise to mentor him in the process.  Two of these trusted advisors were paid professionals and the rest were associates and friends who were professionals in their own right.  In a short time Sam’s new vision was manifesting. I could see his vision had changed from the energy of one to the energy of many.  He was inspired and enjoying a new level of success

Power In Numbers

You have a vision of your success.  You share your vision with your Circle of Support (family and friends, staff and colleagues, trusted advisors, etc.).  Notice for yourself if you have a strong vision and if you are comfortable sharing it.  From an intuitive perspective, your vision manifests when you move it out for others to see.  When others see your vision, in their mind’s eye, it becomes stronger through this group agreement.


The emotional support of family and friends gives you energy to pursue your dream.  His agreement with staff and colleagues brings energy to the day-to-day work of manifesting your vision.     And finally your trusted advisors fill in the gaps in your thinking and information.  Most important is for you to create the space for them to tell you where you are stuck, when and where the energy is not moving, etc.   These are the people who make sure you do not get in your own way!

Can You Have People on Your Side?

For all of this to happen we must be able to allow support. For some it is easy to create support on all levels. Some are very uncomfortable with others attention on their creations and their success is unlikely.  For most we are comfortable with some levels of support but not others.  As an Intuitive Business Consultant, I recommend clearing the energy, fears, competition and thinking that gets in the way of having a complete Circle of Support.

Notice for Yourself

Notice your ability to have people on your side.  Can you imagine having a Circle of Support?  Be aware of what you believe, your thinking and your fears.  Clear your thinking.  Release your fears.  Create your Circle of support and watch your success


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