Be careful what you pray for….

kay00340kYou will get what you pray for. This may happen gracefully or not so gracefully. I see this happen all the time. It has happened to me. Years ago I was the Director of Services for the largest non-profit. I wanted out. The political energy of my job was so intense I could not relax. The needs of our clients far surpassed our ability to serve them and that was hard, but I could not quit. I was a single mom at that time, and my sense of responsibility kept me in a good paying job. I found myself writing in my journal. I wanted to change jobs. I wanted to start my business. I wrote this every day but I could not take the steps to make it happen. I felt that I needed the regular paycheck. I had a child to take care of. Then I was laid off! How could that happen? I was the best at my job! How could this happen? Then I realized I had prayed and imaged leaving this job. The universe was manifesting around my dream, my desire. I could not or wouldn’t quit so what another option was there? The only way my dream could manifest was not very graceful. I am grateful that I was laid off! I could finally create the business that I wanted.

So be careful what you pray for. I have a client who knows she has to leave her corporate job. No, she wants to leave her corporate job. She is paid well so she cannot just quit. She has not decided exactly what she wants to do next. She feels strongly about leaving and so her whole universe is manifesting around that vision. Good new. Bad news. The bad news is she feels like she is being pushed out of her job. Didn’t she pray for this? She does not have a plan for where she is going next. The universe manifests what we want, but we have to know what that is.

So the message is, notice what you are “praying for” or imaging because it is manifesting.

Best wishes on your success, Kay


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