Once Again, Do You Have A Plan?

GoalsHere it is again.  I know that I already wrote a blog on your annual plan but I know you have not done it so here is another perspective that I hope gets you going. It is never too late to plan.  Do you have a plan?  Are you committed enough that you wrote it down?  Research abounds that supports the notion that those with a written plan fare better than those who don’t.  From an intuitive perspective this is true as well.


It begins with having a clear vision of what you are creating in the long run.  When we see that clearly in our mind’s eye we are ready to manifest it.  On the other hand if we cannot see clearly what we intend to create, be or do then it is time to go within not a time of manifesting.

Make It Real

Once we know our vision it is time to make it real.  That is where the plan comes in.  I have worked with dozens of business owners and professional since January to write their annual plan for 2014.  Some are eager because they want things to be better but don’t have a vision for 3-5 years so we start there.  Others have the three-year vision but never wrote it down so it is not quite real.  Still others have a written vision but are not sure how to get there.   Do any of these scenarios sound familiar or perhaps your story is different?

Stop Striving

Regardless of where you are there is no need to struggle or strive when you have a clear vision, a plan to get there and it is all written down.  This is the concept of body, mind and spirit.  You have a vision and writing it down is a way of bringing it to the mind and the body.  This is powerful and research supports this very intuitive perspective.

The Hard Part

Now the hard part.  How are you getting in your own way?  To begin take some time, quiet time, to reflect on last year.  What goals did you have?  Which were achieved and why?  Which were not achieved and why?  Write it down.  This exercise brings to our awareness how we are with our goals.  There is never a mystery why a goal is or is not achieved.  What did we imagine would happen?

What Are You Willing to Change?

Armed with that information how do you want to be that is different this year?  How do you want to change your approach to your goals, your thoughts and your energy? What will you stop resisting?  How will you change your energy and your thinking?

What You Are Not Doing

Look at your vision, your goals and your plans to get there.  Notice what you did not write down.  I find that unconsciously we do not write steps that we know we need to take but we do not want to, find difficult, outside our comfort zone or simply resist.  Often these are the very steps that will make the biggest impact.  We tend to write the same old strategies we have used with limited success. Write the tough and scary steps that will make a real difference.

Get Real

Go back and write down the steps you can take that will have the greatest impact.  You may have to stop thinking and sit quietly to reflect or meditate because we get stuck in ways of thinking that do not serve us but keep us comfortable even if it is not where we want to be. What are the big steps, the impactful steps?

In Your Own Way

How are your fears, limiting thoughts, resistance to change, etc. keeping you from creating a plan that will actually achieve your goals and move toward your vision of success.

Do It Now 

Take the time to stop and work on your vision, your goals and your plan to get there.  Then tell me the difference this makes.

Best wishes on your success,


If you would like help creating your annual plan just let me know.  I am here to help.   Click


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