The financial bailout …….an intuitive perspective

For me the financial bailout was at first a frustrating situation and, on the other hand,  important for all businesses.  I am not saying this from a business, financial or logical perspective.   My position comes from a deeper, and yes, spiritual perspective.   On a much deeper spiritual level all businesses are vibrating on the same energy level.  We are one.  This means what happens to one affects us all.   Smaller businesses with a low level of energy does not have a big impact but when a large business or a group of businesses in the same industry make a change their energy level is large enough to have an impact on all other businesses.

You are probably familiar with the spiritual concept that we are all one and part of a common consciousness.   This same concept applies to businesses.

If you consider the idea of oneness then it follows that supporting each other’s business success is a way of supporting our own business success.  If you find this is a hard concept to wrap your thinking around you are not alone.   It may be a new idea to many of us, however, it is a level of awareness that is core to the new cycle of business.  Seeing our individual business as unique AND part of the whole will become a commonly understood spiritual business concept.  This will become more evident as we find our way and adjust to these new economic times.   As you already know, there are no coincidences.  What is happening to our financial institutions and the auto industry is happening to us all.

The new age of business is one of supporting each other.  The last cycle was one of competition, being better than, squashing the competition, stealing products, honesty was not as important as success, etc.  That time is ending and a new vibration is emerging from which businesses will adjust and flourish.   The economy collapsing was necessary to stop the last 100-year cycle so that the new cycle of business can begin.

Let me know your ideas about this new cycle of business and the new environment we are all learning to navigate.  I suggest that we work together, support each other, and define the unique aspects of  our own business.   The scarcity mentality needs to be replaced with a new vision of success.

Your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “The financial bailout …….an intuitive perspective

  1. I started my business going on 4 years now, this is the concept that I try to implement with my workers however It doesnt work, hasnt work for me.I find that most people just want to put in hours, get paid and get out. Their is no caring about the company and people they work for. I dont give up,but most people just dont care and dont see the potential of working this way. I do feel that is the right approach and keep trying. They dont see that if company does well they will do well too. I pay well and give bonus at xmas time, but I cant find the right people.


    1. Hello Miriam, It is great to read your comments. You speak for many business owners. I watched intuitively as I read what you wrote. I would like to suggest an intuitive approach to your frustration. If you do this exercise you must be ready to let some of your current staff suddenly decide to go elsewhere. If you are ready try this.

      Take some time 5 – 15 min. several times a week to stop, sit quietly, preferably with your eyes closed. Begin to imagine (different than thinking). Imagining is like seeing with your mind’s eye. Imagine a staff connected and committed to your company in all the ways that you would like. Begin to imagine your relationship with them and their relationship to your company. Be as specific and detailed in your vision of the ideal staff as you can be.

      At the same time notice your background thoughts that invalidate your vision. For example, you might imagine “I want staff to be committed to the success of the company and themselves” then you think “but that will never happen.” Release that and every other negative unbelieving thought you have.

      Next behave in a way that assumes and expects this level of performance and your vision of your ideal staff. As you reset the energy your current staff will change to match where you are coming from or they will leave and new staff will be attracted (spiritually) to the energy level you are now setting.

      Try this and let me know your comments. Do it often and clear your thinking in the process.


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