Getting Out of Our Own Way and Allowing Success

There is a difference between our vision of success and our thoughts.  Our vision is creative but so are our thoughts.  Being aware of the thoughts we have about our vision and our goals (personal, professional, etc.) will make all the difference.

For example, your vision is to double your revenue in 2010 and within one second your thought is “But that won’t happen!”   Your thought just replaced your vision.

Another example, I was working with a client, Karen, this morning.  She is planning to move her offices and she was feeling stressed about finding the right fit for her business.  She did not believe she could have what she wanted.  As an intuitive I know everything we experience is the result of our vision, our thoughts or others thoughts.  My focus is always to help you find and see your vision.

Compromising Your Vision

I asked  Karen to describe her vision of the new office space.  I expected to hear her vision for her company and how this new space would support her goals for the next 5 – 10 years.   She began to tell me what she wanted then immediately describe all the compromises she would need to make.  Why did she believe she had to compromise?  As I listened to her intuitively I saw her deciding and believing what she wanted could not happen and so she was creating a vision that “would do”.

As a business intuitive I urge my clients to notice when they are creating their vision and when they are creating something as a result of the energy in their space.  It took time working with Karen to create a clear and true vision of the new office space based on what she really wanted.  During the process I worked with her to recognize, release and clear all the pictures and energy that were in her way.

Thoughts That Argue

If you notice carefully you will find this for yourself.  Bring to mind one of your goals or visions and notice that within seconds the mind and your thoughts will come up with 20,000 reasons why it can’t happen exactly as you want it to.  These are false thoughts though it is our tendency to pay more attention to these than our vision.  This is how we get in our own way.

Hold Your Vision Exercise

From the an intuitive perspective success comes from having a clear vision of what you want without knowing at this point how to get there.  Just create and see your vision.  Release and let go of any thoughts that fight or want to alter your vision.  Hold your vision then allow your success to manifest.

Best wishes on your success,



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