Increase your revenue & your success – Laugh

           This is not news.  Laughter helps.  Loma Linda University found those that viewed humorous movies or TV shows 30 minutes per day improved their good cholesterol levels and reduced levels of inflammatory compounds. A recent study conducted at Canadian financial institutions found that managers who facilitated the highest level of employee performance used humor the most often. Science is catching up with what we have known intuitively, when you raise the vibration, energy begins to move and when energy is moving it is creative.   Physics tells us this as well so what does this have to do with your revenue?

When the energy level of your company is high, energy is moving, everyone feele better, more inspired resulting in positive actions.  On the contrary when the energy is low, people are grumpy, less motivated and unfocused.   They do not care as much.   This is not new information.  Behavioral psychologists, organizational psychologists and others have observed this. You have observed this!

What is the energy level of your business, your staff, your work place, etc.?  Step back and take a look.  Use your intuition.  The energy is low for many reasons. We can explore those in a future post but for now let’s focus on how to change energy.  When energy is low everything seems to come to a grinding halt.  Phones stop ringing.  Contracts are not awarded.  Absenteeism is high. No one is having fun. Staff are not focused or motivated.  All of this hurts your revenue.

As an intuitive I see low energy as dark and it feels thick.  You can change the energy in a number of  ways.

First take a look at your concept of success.  Does it include being serious and working hard seriously?  Can you imagine having fun, laughing, working hard and being successful all at the same time?  Be aware of your own thoughts about the right energy level for work and success.  Clear your thinking.  If you are the business owner, you are setting the tone (energy level) of your business.  Are you setting it to brown or bright blue?

Next take the time to notice what is going on with you.  What is your energy level?  How can you change your space (vibration), to raise your vibration to having fun?  It could all start with you.  Change your energy first. Fun (a higher vibration) is contagious.

Next change the energy level of your office, staff, company, etc.

  • Change routines.  Have staff change what they are doing for a day.
  • Create a party.  Make it fun and validating.  Include some level of staff recognition.
  • Rearrange the office, furniture, etc.
  • Create a contest or game within the office to raise everyone’s spirits.
  • Get everyone into communication.    Notice where folks are not in communication and change that.
  • Notice where the energy is low and start a conversation with those staff on a lighter note to change the energy.
  • Let go of a staff member who brings everyone down – all the time.

The key is to change the energy.  Get out of old patterns or routines. Do something different.  Do something fun.  This raises the vibration which in turn results in creativity, better communication and inspiration.

Take time each day to notice your energy level then notice the energy level of your staff, office, business, etc.  Don’t waste a day loosing revenue because the energy level is too low.  It is so easy to change energy and enjoy creating success.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay


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