Success or Failure – Fact or Fiction


Thoughts Swirling

Business success or failure is a matter of the mind.  That may not be logical but it is very intuitive.  When we can approach our business from both logical and intuitive perspectives we have the whole picture.


As an intuitive business consultant I have worked with business owners and professionals for the past 30 years offering intuitive insight to support their success.

I would like to offer insight into a common situation that determines success or failure of a business or professional.  It has to do with our thoughts.  When we can sort facts from our thoughts about these facts we are able to make decisions and changes that support our success.

Too often our thoughts about a situation lead us down the wrong path.  I have seen many people get lost in their thoughts about a situation that leads to their failure.  For example, one of my clients, Kathy, worked hard to develop a bid for a project she felt she needed to get through the next six months.

As it turned out her company did not get the project.  Kathy’s thoughts about this had her spiral into levels of pain and panic.  Her thoughts were, “We are doomed.  We won’t make it.  We needed this job.”  She was headed down a dangerous course of thinking and emotions.  This is where we have to sort our thoughts from the facts.  Fact.  She did not win the bid.  Thoughts (not reality) – She is doomed.  Our minds have an amazing ability to make up stories from our thoughts and we believe them!

As I have presented before, thoughts are creative.  If Kathy adds energy to her thoughts they will manifest.  Wherever we put our attention is being created whether we want it or not.  If Kathy can become aware of the thoughts and emotions she is putting energy into, i.e. “We won’t make it” then she can pull her energy out of those pictures and redirect her energy into a creative solution.

Clearly Kathy had not created a plan beyond this important bid so she was at a loss – Fact.  That does not, however, mean she cannot create a solution.   The ability to create a solution comes from clear thinking and intuition not thoughts or emotions.

As an intuitive business consultant, I gave Kathy the following next step.  If she has a clear business plan that gives her the next step then take it.  If she cannot see a solution this is a good time to meditate.  Meditation is a way to quiet the emotions, clear the mind and clear your thinking.  It is a way to gain perspective.

I advised Kathy to:

  • Don’t look for a solution right now
  • Meditate to become aware of and clear thoughts that do not support her success
  • Release fear and other emotions.
  • Allow that she does not have an answer at this time.  Stay out of effort.
  • Once her mind is clear and emotions released then open to a solution using her intuition.
  • Pose your question in your mind’s eye.  Be quiet.  Don’t think.  Allow your answer to come.
  • Do this as often as needed until the next step  is clear.

Kathy meditated daily for two or three days then she received a phone call from an industry publication asking to do a feature on her and her company for their upcoming issue.  They wanted to feature the very service she had outlined in the bid that she lost.  Kathy was relieved.  Her new thought is, “This feature will surely bring me new business!”  And so it shall.

I know this is not logical and that you will only understand this by experiencing it.  So give it a try in any situation where you don’t have a clear answer.

Let me know your comments, questions and experiences.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay


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