Few business owners are creating their success… are you one of them!


I am amazed at how many business owners and professionals give little regard to creating their success. Yes indeed. We think we are working to create our success but is that the case? When we get up and get busy we may get a lot done or not. Being busy, having a lot to do has little to do with the success. Being busy is simply being busy.

Our success is created each day by the vision we have of our success and having that clearly in our minds eye before we begin each day. In this way we can see how to spend our day and to move toward this vision. Doing this for each activity planned for the day moves us toward our goals. What is my vision of success and how can I set this meeting, phone call, project to accomplish my goals? This is a way of being conscious and aware of our ability to create our reality rather than just go through whatever reality we are in.

I attended a Board Meeting last night. Fortunately I had time before the meeting to take the time to meditate on the meeting, what was my goal or vision for participating in this meeting, how can attending this meeting help me in my business and what was my goalas a Board Member supporting this business organization. I was ready. When I got to the meeting I noticed intuitively that a couple other board members had also taken the time to focus their energy and create their vision and goals for this meeting. They were ready. That felt good to me as a participant. Several others had not. They were distracted, unfocused and not on the same page. I noticed that the meeting went well for me because my goal did not depend on others. It was my vision and it manifested.

An Aboriginal tribe believes in song lines. They believe that the world does not exist and that we create it with our song. So before they get up each morning they sing their song to create their day. They believe that if you get up, do not sing your song and the world still exists then you are in someone else’s song.

The power of a clear vision is unmistakable. Clear vision is not thinking. It is seeing intuitively, in your minds eye in the same way you imagine something. Take the time today or right now to try the following exercise.

Intuitive Exercise: Take a few minutes to sit quietly. Perhaps close your eyes. Take a deep breath and relax. Collect up your attention and your awareness so that you are present. Bring into your awareness your vision of your company, your day, the next meeting or whatever you would like to visualize. Start to image or see in your minds eye the activity exactly as you would like to image it happening. See it out in front of you. Don’t think. See. Imagine. Keep seeing until you can imagine it happening exactly as you would like. You may have to let go of competing thoughts or energies. Deep breathe. Release. If you cannot see it then it can not manifest. Repeat this exercise as often as necessary until you have a clear vision.

Do this each day. Do this before an important meeting, phone call, etc.
Share your stories about the outcomes of visualizing.


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